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Medical professionals (HCP) and medical institutions (HCO) can apply for SSMO credits here as providers of continuous education events with a specialist focus on medical oncology. The applicant must hold the specialist title of Medical Oncology according to the FMH medical register or the register of medical professions.

Please submit the application at least 6 weeks before the planned event. Processing usually takes at least 2 weeks.

You do not need to apply for credits for automatically recognised continuous education. Automatically recognised continuous education courses can be found under point 3.2.2 in the Condinuous Education Programme of the SSMO.

For the recognition of courses relevant to continuous education according to the Continuous Education Programme in Medical Oncology (2.2.2 courses) please click here.

The following fee applies per accredited event:
Individual event CHF 120 (plus 8.1% VAT)
Series event CHF 240 (plus 8.1% VAT) per calendar year

Accredited events are automatically published in the SSMO Events Calendar.

E-Learning: Application form, please send by email to the office (

SSMO reserves the right to subsequently withdraw credits that have already been granted if new information becomes available that suggests that the regulations for granting credits have not been complied with.

Details of the event

Upload event programme (PDF)

Scientific responsability

Formal requirements

The event takes place without any support from sponsors
The event is supported by sponsors (please specify at least 2 pharma sponsors)
The event deals with oncologically relevant content and respects basic scientific rules recognised in the field of medical oncology *
The event meets the criteria of the FMH's continuing education regulations FB*
The event complies with the SAMW guidelines on cooperation between the medical profession and industry (SAMW guidelines, SAMS checklist)*

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