Swiss Cancer Network

A milestone for cancer patients

All SSMO members have the opportunity to apply for the Swiss Cancer Network Certificate. The Swiss Cancer Network Certificate is based on a quality concept jointly developed by the SSMO, the Swiss Society of Radiation Oncology (SRO) and Oncology Care Switzerland (OPS) and aims to promote quality of treatment and care for tumour patients. Members who obtain the certificate document, among other things, that they treat and care for their tumour patients in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines and discuss their patients in interdisciplinary tumour boards. The Swiss Cancer Network, which is open to members of the SSMO, the SRO and the Swiss Society of Hematology (SGH), is responsible for implementing the certificate.

The Swiss Cancer Network Certificate is also a response to the wish of patient organisations to create a tool that guarantees patients that they are being treated according to internationally recognised guidelines.

The certificate is based on the core elements listed in the National Cancer Programme and therefore makes an essential contribution to the implementation of the National Strategy against Cancer.