The office notifies the certified institution of the upcoming audit and concludes a contract with it. A proposal for the composition of the audit team shall be submitted to the institution at least 60 days before the audit date. The audit team usually consists of:

  • A lead auditor (representative of the auditing body sanaCERT suisse)
  • Three experts from a pool of peers appointed by the certification committee

The institution shall provide the audit team with the necessary documents (cf. Annex II of the the Regulations “Swiss Cancer Network” Certificate) at least 45 days before the audit. The audit team can request missing documents.


The audit usually lasts half a day (in the afternoon).

During the audit, the institution to be certified must fulfil the remaining requirements set out in Annex II of the Regulations “Swiss Cancer Network” Certificate be made available for inspection.

The management of the audited institution is represented at the opening meeting at the beginning of the audit and at the closing meeting at the end of the audit.

At the final meeting, a spokesperson of the audit team verbally announces the main results of the audit and the proposals of the audit team to the management of the audited institution.

Written report

The audit team sends the draft report to the audited institution for comment within 8 weeks of the audit. The audited institution may request correction of errors and misunderstandings in the audit report within 4 subsequent weeks.

Based on the report, the audit team makes a recommendation regarding continuation of the certificate.