Information for patients

Dear Patient,

Cancer is a difficult diagnosis for patients and their families. But thanks to medical progress, treatment options for many cancer patients have improved in recent years. There are more and more new, effective treatments with few side effects that are tailored to the patient and his/her specific cancer. That is why every patient has the right to individual, competent care.

Oncologists are the most important point of contact for patients

Today, a large number of specialised doctors and other medical professionals are involved in the treatment of cancer. It is important for patients to have reliable contacts who guide them through the treatment pathway during the course of treatment: This is usually the medical oncologist. An oncologist specialises in tumour diseases and is responsible for cancer diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

Treatment takes place in a team

The oncologist does not treat cancer patients alone, but consults various specialist colleagues. For diagnostics these are radiologists and pathologists and, for treatment, operating surgeons, gynaecologists, urologists, etc., as well as radiotherapists (radiation oncologists). Professionals from oncology nursing, psycho-oncology, oncology rehabilitation and palliative medicine also play an important role. The oncologist coordinates treatment in consultation with the patient, the family doctor and the specialists.

The SSMO is committed to high-quality treatment

The Swiss Society of Medical Oncology (SSMO) is committed to providing high-quality care for cancer patients in Switzerland at various levels.

  • is committed to continuing further education and training of medical oncologists
  • draws up binding treatment guidelines and quality standards, in accordance with international standards, which must be adhered to by medical oncologists
  • promotes cooperation with other medical disciplines in order to ensure holistic patient care

For donations or legacies in favour of the SSMO, please contact the office.

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