OHI/OHCS revision – practical implications for doctors

On 1 January 2024, a comprehensive revision of the Ordinance on Health Insurance (OHI) and the FDHA Ordinance on Health Care Services (OHCS) came into force. On behalf of the […]

SSMO statement on KVV/KLV revision

The SSMO comments on KVV/KLV revision: Statement for the attention of the FOPH Article in the Swiss Medical Journal

Swiss Patient Access Program (SPAP)

The SSMO launched the Swiss Patient Access Program (SPAP) in 2023, as a follow-up project to the SPAP pilot. SPAP aims to: Avoid/reduce cases of hardship in processing Art. 71 […]

SOHC – Swiss Oncology & Haematology Congress

With 1,500 participants, the SOHC is the largest Swiss congress in the field of oncology and haematology and therefore offers an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and exchange information […]