VITH-compliant discounts on medicines

As of 1 January 2020, new legal regulations apply to handling discounts on medicinal products. According to Art. 56 Para. 3bis KVG (Swiss federal law on health insurance) and the ordinance on “Integrity and Transparency in the Context of Therapeutic Products (VITH)”, discounts on medicines may not be retained. This applies not only to discounts on the price of the medicine itself, but also to, e.g., free deliveries, etc.
However, it is now possible to reclaim part of the discounts on the purchase of medicines from the service provider if these discounts are demonstrably used to “improve the quality of treatment”.

By joining the FMH framework agreement with HSK-CSS, the SSMO, in collaboration with proQura, has created the conditions for legally compliant and simple implementation of the new provisions.

Further information:
Pro Medicus GmbH

Awarded the “Innovation Qualité” prize

The Swiss Academy for Quality in Medicine of the FMH regularly awards the “Innovation Qualité” quality prize. With this award, the SAQM honours quality projects that have been tried and tested in practice and that advance the Swiss healthcare system.

In May 2022, the SSMO was awarded the “Innovation Qualité” prize in the category “Doctors’ Organisations” for the proQura project, which was initiated and is managed by Pro Medicus.

More information about the prize:
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